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China and Russia far east international e-commerce training center held opening ceremony
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    On May 21, China and Russia far east international training center held opening ceremony. Vice Mayor of Blagoveshchensk City, leaders of Aihui District, Heihe City, Xu Fei, Zhang Dali, Xiao Yuzhu, Liu Yujie, Wang Chen attended the opening ceremony. Guan Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Chief of Aihui District presided over the ceremony. Part of the China-Russia young entrepreneurs attended the ceremony.
    Xu Fei, Secretary of Aihui District Party Committee and the Vice Mayor of Blagoveshchensk City delivered a speech successively. Xu Fei pointed out that On the condition of  the front line of opening to Russia, Aihui District was the the first one to restore the sino-soviet border trade, the first        one to carry out one-day multinational tour, the first one to implement China-Russia economic and technical cooperation, the first one to launch the international microwave communication.Today, we became the first one to open the international e-commerce training center again.
    China is promoting "Internet +" work, and rise to the national behavior, the prime minister action. I Sincerely hope that young people of the two cities make good use of this platform to help the youth of both countries learn to master e-commerce as soon as possible. The young people can start to learn e-commerce from zero foundation and get free training.
    To attach great importance to the youth is to attach importance to the future. The promotion of youth business cooperation is to link the better tomorrow of the economy of the two countries.