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Russian delegation visited Aihui District
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    The government delegation of GuBin District and Tengda District, Russia viisted Aihui District, Heihe City, August 16. Xu Fei, Secretary of Aihui District Party Committee, Ma Fusen, Director of the People's Congress of Aihui District, Zhao Wei, Chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference of Aihui District and leaders of relevant departments accompanied the visit. The delegation got to know the management mode, teacher resources and investment in education, etc in detail. In the second people's hospital, the delegation listened to the hospital construction, medical technology and other aspects of the introduction, and the new outpatient service building. The delegation fully appreciated the practice is given priority to with children.And said he would put the everywhere with the experience of "children" is back.And fully affirmed the love xinhui district in health spending and achievements, and hope the second people's hospital and the Russian hospital undertaking to build the hospital, in such aspects as medical equipment, medical experts can achieve complementary advantages.