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A new chapter of cooperation in running schools Heihe College affiliated middle school and elementary school inaugurated
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    Heihe College affiliated middle school and elementary school were inaugurated at Heihe No. 5 middle school and No. 5 elementary school, May 22. Fan Zhiguo, Vice mayor of Heihe City, Lu Qiaofeng, Vice President of Heihe College, Xu Fei, Secretary of Aihui District Party Committee, Zhang Jianguo, Chief of Aihui District Government, Xu Yu, Deputy Chief of Aihui District Government and leader of the city education bureau and the relevant departments of Heihe college, teachers and students representatives  attended the ceremony.
    Both sides representatives signed “Heihe college and Aihui District government agreement on cooperation in running schools”. Fan Zhiguo and Lu Qiaofeng jointly unveiled the plaque for Heihe College affiliated middle school and elementary school.
    Heihe college is the only college of higher education in Heihe City. In recent years, Aihui District has signed eight special project, and has carried out extensive cooperation in multiple dimensions, and harmonious cooperation relationship with Heihe College to realize mutual benefit and win-win results.
    Along with the in-depth cooperation and development, the content and form of cooperation of both sides is changing. The cooperation in running schools is an innovation to promote the development of cooperation of both sides. We will be in line with the "complementary advantages, mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and common development" principle, through the depth of cooperation, sharing resources, improving teaching quality and teaching level, realize the education resource allocation optimization, jointly build education combined with production and research innovation system.