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Zhang Jianguo met with Chief of Gubin District Yakutsk City Russia
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    Zhang Jianguo, Chief of Aihui District of Heihe City met with Savina, Chief of Gubin District, Yakutsk City, Russia, May 19. Xu Yu and Xiao Yuzhu, Deputy Chief of Aihui District, Heihe City attended the meeting.
    Zhang Jianguo extended warm welcome to Savina and introduced Aihui District to the delegation. Aihui District is situated at the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and the area where Heihe Municipal Committee and Heihe Municipal Government is located. In recent years, Aihui District has implemented  the new development strategy, and has entered a new historical period from areas such as economy, education and culture. Gubin District has precious material resources and rich cultural resources, and We hoped that both sides can keep close communication and establish a solid relations of cooperation.
    Savina expressed gratitude to the hospitality of Aihui District Party Committee and Aihui District Government and she felt very happy to achieve fruitful results through this visit. She hpped that it would further promote exchange and cooperation between the two areas and jointly promote the rapid development of both the two countries.