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Heihe nursery school
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The kindergarten of Heihe, located in the beautiful belt-shaped park of the black dragon river, found in 1953, moved to the new building of No.17 Wang Su street in 1988, is a high standard state-run provincial level model kindergarten with beautiful environment, modern facilities, abundant curriculum resources, qualified teachers, distinctive teaching concept, high levels of parents satisfaction and high social prestige. The building area of the kindergarten is 4,300 square meters. The teaching building covers an area of 3,957 square meters. The green space is 830 square meters and the playground is 1,400 square meters. There are 11 classes and 330 children. All the faculties in the kindergarten are reasonably structured, well organized, dynamic, patient, posts cherished and wholeheartedly devoted to their work. There are 52 faculties. 3 of them have the title of middle school senior professional post. 18 of them have the title of primary school senior professional post. 32 have college diploma. 15 of them are provincial, municipal and district level backbone teachers. 18 are teaching experts.

Teaching Concept: providing with them a healthy and happy atmosphere in their childhood and lay foundation for the development throughout their whole life.
Teaching Objectives: with first class education quality, creating a warm home, pleasure study section and growing up paradise.
School Spirit: equality, concern and love, coordination and renovation.
Teaching Style: loving each child.
Studying Style: studying for the growth of the child.
Cultivation Objectives: fostering healthy, active, confident, smart, passionate, communicative, explorative and creative children.
Service Criteria: being careful, patient, kindhearted and comply with norms.