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Purchasing in Aihui
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Aihui district faces Bragoveshesk city of Russia across the river. Trade is booming day by day, and tourist products is abundant. Various kinds of commodities from Russia including high quality coats, shoes and hats, fur coats, durable telescope and cameras can be seen everywhere. There are special local products such as the edible wild herbs, birch-bark handicrafts, all kinds of tranditional costumes and ornaments and tourist souvenirs in this area. International tourism business island-big Heihe island provide a place and integrated service for businessmen and merchants at home and abroad to do business negotiations.It has attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen by the beautiful enrionment and reasonable commerical structure and has become the paradise of shoppers. Central pedestrian street combined northern border town regional feature with modern commercial style. Huafu shopping mall, Shanglian mansion, international trade center and Russian commodities street are all the best places for people to visit and go shopping.