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Aihui ancient town tourism area
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Aihui ancient town is a famous town along the Heilongjiang River in history. It was political economic, military and cultural center of Heilongjiang river in Qing Dynasty, established Heilongjiang general government office and custom, the place where “Sino-Russia Aihui Treaty” was signed and the important relics tourism area for observing and studying the history and culture along Heilongjiang river. It is the fourth batch of Chinese history and culture famous town, national cultural relics protection unit, national beautiful town, national unique landscape famous tourism town, provincial level scenic spot and one of hundreds of bases of education in patriotism throughout the country.

Aihui history museum located at the historical site of new town of Aihui, is national AAA tourist area, one of national patriotism education demonstration bases, national level museum, the fifth national ten biggest delicate exhibition hall, patriotism and national defense education base of Heilongjiang province and the only specific relics museum that reflect the history of eastern part of Sino-Russia relationships.

The scenic spots of Aihui history museum, Aihui national forestry park, Aihui country defense hero memorial park, Aihui ancient custom, Aihui educated youth museum, Jinfa temple Buddism park and ten miles river park constitute three-demonstional tourism network of Aihui ancient town.