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Woniu lake leisure vacation tourism area
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Woniu lake leisure vacation tourism area, the international provincial level scenic spot, is the only tourism area situated in Sino-Russia mutual trade area. It is the backyard garden of Heihe city and Blagoveshensk city of Russia and national AAA tourism area. The scenic spot is a natural oxygen bar and summer resort with the lake surrounded by hills. With the unique natural resources and mysterious black dragon river legend, visitors here are provided with multiple functions such as the ice and snow sports, hunting and fishing, sunstroke prevention and health preserving, folk custom and ecotourism. There are different kinds of scenic spots in the area, such as Aquatic parks, sandbeach outdoor bathing, Sino-Russia ethnic minorities lifestyles and customs garden, dragon ball far east international skiing field, vacation tour villas, leisure and entertainment area, central service and orchards sightseeing area which make the Woniu lake leisure vacation tourism area a wonderful place to visit.