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The first northern nomadic village
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The first northern nomadic village-the new Oroqen ethnic village situated in the north slope of Xiaoxinganling is the habitation of Oroqen ethnic minority group and national unique tourist scenic spot. There are abundant forest, rare wild animals and water resources in the village. If you strain your eyes to look at the distance, you will find rugged land and rolling hills, cattles and sheeps, bees and butterflies on the mountain slope, thousand hectares of rich soil at the foot of the hills. Visitors and guests will be enchanted by the miraculous legend of Morigen, ancient mystical Vamos Argentina festival, cheerful and enthusiastic Hanbai dance, the unique landscape and historical figures and cultural heritage. Listening to the song “the brave Oroqen live in the thick and high forest” and walking into the scenic area, you will experience the mysterious of the northern nomadic race legend, Oroqen people customs and life style, enjoy the beautiful view of Xiaoxinganling forest and become the passionate dancer and brave hunter.