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The northeast China culture tourism area
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The northeast China culture tourism area, national natural reserve, located in Aihui Jinhe farm and covering an area of 6 hectares represents the architectural style and folk custom of the northeast border area in the early era of Republic of China. The scenic spot is embraced on three sides by green hills and one side by water with beautiful natural scenery. The TV drama “brave journey to the northeast” was shooting here. Stepping in the northeast China culture tourism area, you can taste local special braised pork with soy sauce and northeast wine and experience the folk customs such as Shijin River drift, spinning, weaving, iron forging, pancake baking and yangko dancing. Following the footprint of Zhu Kaishan in the TV drama“brave journey to the northeast”, feeling the charm of northeast and black soil culture and experiencing the new life of the immigration descendants of the people who took the brave journey and settled down in the northeast China, you will definitely leave the most precious memory here.