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Sheng Mountain forest science exploration tourism area
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Sheng mount forest science exploration tourism area, the national natural reserve, located in the transitional zone of big and small Xinganling covers an area of 60 thousand hectares. There are abundant biological resources in the conservation area, all together 2053 species of wildlife, 7 species of which are grade two national protected plants, 6 species of which are grade one national protected animals and 43 species of which are grade two national protected animals. The key protected species of Sheng Mount are moose and korean pine. Moose, rare and endangered animal in the world, is the representative species of the north pole. Sheng Mount is the boundary line in the north of the country where the korean pine grows. It plays an important role in scientific research. Sheng mount is a natual oxygen bar, a textbook and an ideal place for you to get close to forest and nature, to experience primitive and ecological life.