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Brief introduction of tourism of Aihui District
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Aihui district is the only district that have the administrative function at the county level in Heihe city. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Heihe city, and the place where Heihe government is located. Aihui District covers an area of 14,446 square kilometers with the population of 192 thousand people. There are 3 towns, 8 villages, 16 state-owned farms, forestry center, pastures and 25 ethnic minority groups such as Han, Manchu, Hui, Korean, Mongolian, Daur and Oroqen nationality in the administrative region.

Aihui has the resources of ice and snow and forest which is the world’s three biggest tourism resources. The well-preserved ecosystem of Xiaoxinganling is crossing over the whole territary. The Sino-Russian border river, Heilongjiang River, covered by ice and snow nearly six months in a year flows through 183 kilometers inside the area. Aihui district faces Blagoveshensk city of Russia across the bordrer river and it is the place where “Sino-Russia Aihui Treaty” was signed, which is the first unequal treaty between China and Russia.The magnificent and colorful natural scenary of the north, favorable geographic locations, perfect port function, rich historical and cultural heritage, distinct and mystery ethnic customs constitute the unique tourism resources of Aihui district.

Aihui district has become the tourist destination concentrated on the integration of China-Russian style, border river sightseeing, ecological summer resort, leisure vacation, historical figures, cultural heritage, film and photography. The world renowed Aihui ancient town tourism area, one of the tenth most famous museums in China Aihui history museum, Aihui educated youth museum fully reflecting the life of the educated youth, overseas Chinese memorial hall reflecting the friendship of China and Russian people, national level AAA tourism area-Woniu lake leisure vacation tourim area, dragon ball far east international skiing field-sss level skiing field, Sino-Russia ethnic minorities lifestyles and customs garden,national level AAA tourist area Jinhe Northeast China culture tourist area, the first ancient magic northern nomadic village-the new Oroqen ethnic village scenic spot, national nature reserve Sheng mountain forest science exploration tourist area, China-Russia international tourism business island-the big Heihe island, mixed with eurasian culture the big border river-Heilongjiang River, territorial boundaries tourism, all of which make Aihui one of the most fascinating tourism resorts to visit. Welcome all our dear friends from domestic and abroad to beautiful Aihui district.