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Situated at the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and the area where Heihe Municipal Committee and Heihe Municipal Government is located, Aihui District, facing Blagoveshchensk city of Russia across the border river with the border line of 184.3 kilometers, is political, economic and cultural center of Heihe City. As a place of strategic importance in the north, Aihui District covers an area of 14,446 square kilometers with the population of 210 thousand people. There are 3 towns, 8 villages, 16 state-owned farms, forestry centers, pastures and 26 ethnic minority groups such as Han, Manchu, Hui, Korean, Mongolian, Daur and Oroqen nationality in the administrative region.

Superior geographic locations. Aihui District is the largest scale, highest level, nearest distance and the most complete function city along 4374 kilometers Sino-Russian border line. In recent years, “three points one line” commodity direct selling net has been formed relying on big Heihe island international shopping mall connected to Russian Blagoveshchensk shopping mall and krasnoyarsk shopping center. The role of Aihui District played in “two countries one city” construction is highlighted.

Abundant mineral resources. 69 kinds of mineral reserves have been found in the region. Coal and gold reservation is the most abuundant. Nearly 1.1 billion tons of coal reserves is enumerated in the census and 80 tons of proven gold reserves, 1 million tons of proven silicon reserves and 12 million tons of limestone electricity. There are also other large deposits of marble, limestone, basalt mesa, and so on.

Favorable agriculture and forestry resources. With superior ecological environment, Aihui District is one of the restricted development areas in the big and small Xing Anling ecological functional region with 1.73 million acres of arable land and 22.4 acres of land per person in rural area. It is an important national commodity grain base and soybean production base. Unique feature plants cultivation such as silymarin, oat, kidney bean developed rapidly. Green, nonpolluted and organic agricultural products is starting to take shape. The total area of forestry management is 1.20 million hectares accounting for one-fifth of the province, one-third of the municipality. It is also the significant national timber manufacturing base with total timber volume of 51.61 million cubic meters including more than 30 kinds of trees such as korean pine, comphor tree, oak tree and birch.

Multiple clean energy resources. With rich wind power resources,6-9 meters/second annually wind speed and more than 2500 available hours, the development and construction gross installed capacity of the wind power electricity generation station can reach 450 thousand KW. There are more than 60 branches of big and small rivers and more than 180 lakes in the region. The water surface covers an area of 190 thousand acres. Annual water flow rate is 2.8 billion cubic meters and annual hydropower energy is 387 thousand KW in theory.

Unique tourist landscape. With a long history, rich cultural heritage and magnificent natural scenery, Aihui ancient town was economic, military and cultural center of Heilongjiang river in Qing Dynasty, established Heilongjiang general government office and custom, the place where “Sino-Russia Aihui Treaty” was signed and the important relics tourism area for observing and studying the history and culture along Heilongjiang River. There are many scenic spots in the area including Aihui history museum, Heihe dragon ball far east international skiing field, Sino-Russia ethnic minorities lifestyles and customs garden, Woniu lake aquatic park, the new Oroqen folk scenic spot, Sheng Mountain national nature reserve and travel to Russia to enjoy exotic scenery.